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Whether you are a seasoned professional doing screen recordings or it is your first time, Bandicam will set up and record almost anything on your screen. What the less experienced users will like is how their default settings let them start recording within a couple of clicks. Software developed by Bandisoft Record Everything, all that you need is to have a game, a PC and a webcam screen. If you have these things, you can start saving your files as MP4 and AVI files.

Why Bandicam Became Popular

Bandicam has become known as one of the best video game webcam recorders, and you can record multiple games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Skype, Powerpoint, Youtube, iTunes and video chatting. It does all of this without lagging, which is why Bandicam has become a popular choice. When you are playing, the video file will be compressed so that it uses much less GPU, RAM and CPU. In addition, this hardware will support the hardware accelerated h.264 encoder called Nvidia NVENC/CUDA. That allows your videos to be recorded at much faster speeds, and you will also have a higher compression ratio with better quality. Because of the great quality, you can save your CPU and HDD. In the corner of the screen, you will see the frames per second during the recording of your games. With this system, you can also record your videos at resolutions as high as 3840 x 2160 of high quality.

Other Features of Bandicam

When using Bandicam, the software also supports real-time drawing, and that will mean that you can draw boxes, lines, and you can highlight certain parts of the game when you record from your computer screen. In addition, you can upload your files to Youtube without having to convert anything because the file size will be much smaller than what you find with the competing software. Video size with Bandicam will range from 1/5 video size to 1/20 video size. In addition, Bandicam will also support AVI 2.0, and you have an unlimited file size as long as you have free space on your hard drive. In fact, it is possible to record for more than 24 hours.

Recording with Bandicam, the system will also support real-time highlighting with the mouse cursor, and there are mouse click effects if you want them. This is a feature that some of the competing software does not have. You can combine the mouse effects with more simple microphone recordings, and Bandicam provides you with a good screen recorder for if you wanted to make tutorials for your video games.

Latest Updates with This Version

With Version, you have a lot of unspecified updates that include bug fixes and enhancements. In addition, there are other things included with this software update like:

  • Smaller File Downloads
  • Excellent Video Quality
  • Will Function Great on All Computers with 4 GB of RAM or Higher
  • Video Settings Can Be Set Easily

Using Bandicam, you can capture what is happening on your computer screen, and you can do this as either an image or a video. Bandicam is a marvelous alternative to the other competing software called FRAPS. Like FRAPS, Bandicam has pre-built features that were intended for Youtube, but if you want to upload videos to Youtube without tying up your FPS, Bandicam is a better choice. FRAPS will lag more, which makes it a better option for snapping screenshots. Bandicam also has more useful features, and it uses less resources, which means that it will normally perform better than FRAPS. What separates Bandicam is how you can record separate audio tracks, and that makes it the ideal choice if you like to commentate while playing video games.

A Useful Video Recovery Tool

Bandicam can also serve as a useful video recovery tool from beginning to the end if you experience a crash during the game. Especially when you have a computer that is low on internal resources, this can happen often, and you want to avoid that wherever possible. You can also use Handbrake to compress your files even smaller after you have edited them. If you want to shrink how large the files are, you can also lower the quality codec. If you do not mind the trade-off in quality, for example, you can use the mpeg-1 codec. The quality will not be too noticeable if you plan to put it on Youtube.

Capturing Your Images and Videos

Using Bandicam, you will have the ability to record your gaming skills, and you can do it up to 2560 x 1600 resolution. You can share the videos directly on Youtube, and this will cause the video quality to range from 720p to 1080p. Using this software, it will work with games that use Open GL or Direct X. Skyrim can become resource intensive, but with the right system, it becomes much easier. What is nice about Bandicam is how you can choose the audio, video and frames per second to keep everything running smoothly. The downside is that your videos will be watermarked if you decide to use the free version, but that will be removed when you pay to register. With registration, you will also get access to RGB24 and MagicYUV Lossless codec. This happens by default. Bandicam also has a great feature that lets you save your screenshots in JPG, BMP or PNG based on your needs. While FRAPS might be more popular than Bandicam, this is still a great option to have fun and record your best gaming sessions.


  • Easy to Use and Not Resource Intensive
  • More Valuable Features Than Bandicam's Competitors
  • Lets You Immortalize Your Favorite Gaming Moments
  • You Can Create Insightful Tutorials to Help Beginners


  • Your Videos will Be Watermarked unless You Opt for the Paid Version
  • You May Experience Issues with Lag on Your Videos
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